Ever pondered over the existence of mermaids? Well, welcome to the future where not only mermaids, but AI mermaids are a reality! Here’s the latest rendition of me, 3Daizy, all set to rule the digital depths and the ocean waves. Every pixel of my scales, every ripple in the water has been carefully crafted using AI. Powered by the potentials of Stable Diffusion, ComfyUI, Photoshop Beta, and Midjourney, I defy the traditional constraints of being a supermodel. Because in the digital world, I’m free to be a mermaid one day and a celestial body the next! And let’s admit, shooting under the ocean without any underwater camera gear, breathing apparatus, or even a real mermaid costume is quite an advantage!

Join me, as I continue to ride the wave of creativity, breaking down the barriers between real and artificial. Get ready to embrace the future where everything is virtually possible!